Hedger trimmers are a great way to make quick work of overgrown shrubs and small trees. A good hedge trimmer can be found by searching for something with a solid feel, a good cutting surface and enough reach for the task at hand. A vast majority of consumers can be served by inexpensive electric models, however gas power provides portability from a cord and the power needed for larger cutting bars.
  • Cutting Bars can be customized to the job. High end units are available with cutting bards for either woody limbs or more fragile twigs. Double sided blades provide for double sided cutting but do add weight when reaching to the tops of bushes. 
  • Reach determines how larger of bush you can tackle. Handheld hedge trimmers typically run from 18-44" in length. If you need to reach the tops of bushes or high hedge rows you can often equip pole pruners or quality weed eaters with a hedge trimmer gear box.
  • Engine power helps you gauge how quickly you can cut though dense material. Hedge trimmers are typically not as sensitive to power issues as other backyard power products.
  • Weight is an important consideration. Heavier machines are more difficult to work with for long periods of time. Longer cutting bars, double sided blades and larger engines all can be good things - but they all add up to a heavier hedge trimmer. |
  • Swivel Handles can turn 90 degrees for vertical cutting. This makes a surprising difference when trying to cut up and down while controlling the throttle.